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Alongside temples and shrines, the dedication to faith of the people of this island is most visible in the varied, colourful and loud ceremonies, called temple fairs, which take place all around Taiwan. These are a form of religious expression not found in most of the West, making them all the more fascinating to foreign visitors.

Just as the gods of Taiwan, and their origins, are hugely varied, the different groups (called troupes) that make up these ceremonies are often different each time. However, many of these elements are seen, sometimes in different forms, in many of these events, and these slides will introduce them. Every day, and especially on weekends and religiously important days such as the birthdays of the various gods, many ceremonies take place in a variety of locations across the island. Due to this, as well as there being a large number of different types of temple troupe, each type will have many different groups who each perform that role. Thus, the variety, including different styles in different parts of Taiwan, is vast.

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Temple Fair in Changhua County

Temple Fair in Changhua County

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